Luxury without brakes

Downhill is a mountain bike downhill, one of the most colorful and extreme activities in the world of sports. Downhill biking is a true work of art. Downhill bikes are too heavy, designed only to ride downhill, the suspension makes it difficult to twist the pedals, and the geometry of the frame is not designed for climbing.

Downhill is almost the only bike sport where a lift is required. The essence of the most expensive and dangerous kind of cycling is to ride down the track as fast as possible with many turns, jumps, roots and stones. Riders go down at speeds over 100 km/h (world record – 210 km/h), make jumps and fly up to 15 meters.

Characteristic slopes of the modern downtownhill are very steep descents, complex and dangerous, and with an average length of about 2.5 km, the height difference is usually 600 meters. The track inevitably includes extremely steep, almost vertical sections, many sharp turns, unevenness in the form of pits, potholes from the wheels. Sometimes more complex obstacles are built in the form of big-air and drops.

It is impossible to master the techniques of downhill without learning how to properly handle the front brake. Motorcycle triathletes, who have the best downhill technique on two wheels, have mastered this technique to such an extent that they can stop and on the edge of the abyss to balance on one front wheel.

Still, it can’t be said that the downhill is something meaningless and inaccessible to mere mortals. If you buy a good bike with a long stroke of suspension and learn the basic technique of descent, you can learn to enjoy it and incomparable sensations. Dynamics, dizzying speed, virtuoso jumps and other gravitational challenges are the stunning attributes of this attraction. Not only young people, but also middle-aged people are now passionate about downhill.

Downhill is a very popular kind of riding among bikers.

Downhill and biker cross are very spectacular sports. Biker-cross – especially bright races where the leader can change at any time, where riders can bypass each other with frequent drops and clearly defined goals. These competitions are an exciting spectacle in which everything flies at incredible speed – both time and riders. Virtuous technical skill, the heat of the struggle, and the strongest emotions fascinate spectators at the track or at the TV screen.

Downhill is exciting. So people spend a lot of money on trips and bikes. But with age, you try to avoid danger. Young athletes have the advantage: they don’t know what fear is yet. The most frequent injuries include fractures to the collarbone, arms, legs and ribs.

Fear Factor

With experience comes the knowledge of when to strain or relax on the track, and it helps to win. But over time I realized that the older you get, the more you try to avoid danger, because you’ve already had accidents and you know how it can end. Young riders definitely have an advantage because they don’t know what fear is yet.

Downhill race is a psychically stimulating activity. That’s why so many people are involved in it. You can be a great rider and you can go downhill all day faster than anyone. But as a rider you have to be able to ride once so that it’s worth all the other races. After all, the judges only evaluate one final descent.

And he can easily go wrong, because there are so many factors that affect it. That’s why in the final you have to focus on the goal and be absolutely confident in your abilities, so that you don’t get off the track and you are not outdone by others.

If you make a mistake in a training race, the thought of I fell here last time! will pulsate in your brain during the next downhill run. And you’re tied to this place like you’re looking at a tree you’ll inevitably encounter. For success, you must put aside all fears and worries, be positive.

Also, when you train or just walk along the track, study it carefully, memorize the trajectories, try to imagine everything you will have to do. You should concentrate as much as possible and keep the whole track in your head. And then during the race, it’s enough just to project everything you know to make it an absolute reality. After all, at rabid speed, it’s late to think about whether to go right or left on the upcoming turn. So my motto is, Learn the turns and trajectory.

A few more words about downhill.

Downhill and Cross Country are very different races. Downhill body size and weight are not as critical factors as in cross country, where you need strong legs and good lungs to be able to climb easily. I do not follow a special diet, but try to eat healthy food. There are all kinds of guys and girls in the townhill: tall and taller, heavy and very thin and small. So no matter what your constitution, it is important to start learning downhill practice and develop your abilities as early as possible.

Take a group of friends with you and get on the slope to enjoy the ride. You have to be in good shape physically and morally and be ready for everything that awaits you on the track. If there is an opportunity to participate in competitions, try your hand, but it should not be the only goal, and in case of failure – the end of everything. Riding a bike and experiencing thrills is the most important thing.

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