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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is so difficult to find a balance between work, family and leisure. Sport, and cycling in particular, is a great way to relieve tension and stress, fight depression and keep fit.

How is cycling so beneficially different from other sports?

It’s good for your health.

A bike ride is a great workout for your cardiovascular system and has a positive effect on all your health. The heart is also a muscle, and when you give it a load, it strengthens and works more effectively. The healthier you are, the better the blood supply to your internal organs. When you exercise, your heart rate changes during periods of exercise and rest, and the muscles you load during exercise are less prone to injury and less painful from everyday activities.

Daily cycling also reduces the risk of diabetes, as exercise allows you to better control your insulin levels. Note: if this is relevant to you, make sure you bring something sweet and or a small snack.

Sport also helps to lower your blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension, take extra measures to control your blood pressure – eat less salt and fatty foods.

Another advantage of cycling is its convenient weight distribution. When cycling, your joints suffer less from friction that occurs, for example, when you run on hard surfaces. So your knees and ankles are protected, and you can ride not only on city roads, but also in the countryside. Cycling also prevents osteoporosis. Sports have been scientifically proven to slow down the thinning of bone tissue.

Cheers up and fights seasonal depression.

Simply put, when you ride a bike, you forget about your worries. Physical activity acts like a real natural antidepressant. Mood increases the amount of oxygen that enters the body during exercise, and the exercise itself.

This is especially true in winter, when the risk of seasonal depression increases. It is caused by lack of sunlight. In winter the days are shorter, the sun is smaller and the weather is completely unpredictable. All this can affect your well-being and mood. Of course, there are many ways to combat seasonal depression, but playing sports is not only a treatment but also a prevention.

During training, a number of hormones are produced:

  • Dopamine
    This hormone is produced during sports activities and is responsible for pleasure and concentration. It is thanks to the release of dopamine after workout that you do not feel tired and your mood improves.
  • Endorphins
    They are also produced during sporting activities. They reduce pain and make you feel joyful.

Cycling for weight loss

Let’s be honest: it will not be enough to lose weight or maintain a constant weight once on a bike. The result can only be achieved by doing it regularly and frequently, gradually increasing the level of difficulty.

Cycling is an endurance training, but not only. During training, calories and fat are burned. But, of course, you need to keep an eye on your diet. There are not so many rules for proper nutrition, just follow them and keep your weight stable!

Sport, in particular cycling, is the basis for a healthy lifestyle. If you have not tried cycling yet, start this year! And don’t forget to share your experiences with us.